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A noble and precious material
Requirements of our job suppose a very rigorous and detailed wood selection. It is the reason why the Bernard GAUTHIER stave-woods compagny selects woods only in most beautifull french forests such as Tronçais and others Cher ones.
It is very important for us to buy standing oaks to O.N.F. (National Organisation of Forests). This allows us to guarantee tracability of rough tiniber batches and to mention the origin of our stave-woods. Our experience in buying oaks is the basis of stave-woods quality.
Our manufacturing process remainds a traditional one and this know-how is transmitted from generation to generation. Our woods are hand-cracked to respect the thread of wood and so ensure the waterproof quality of our barrels. Then comes refening of wood, 24 to 36 months long, during witch our stave-woods are going to dry in a natural way, outside, giving physical and chemical qualities necessary for famous wine development. Then, stave-woods are transformed in GAUTHIER Brothers cooperage to enable barrel fabrication. Here, still with family, manufacturing process is carried out in the Art of Tradition untill the end of the barrel to ensure high quality.